The Museum

Located in Van Zandt County, the Heritage Park Museum is the focal point of Edgewood in North East Texas.  Covering three city blocks, the site is home to numerous community celebrations.  It is the destination of tourists in search of an historical attraction void of the hustle and bustle associated with the metropolitan areas.   Founded in 1976,…


The church, built in 1897 by the local Methodist congregation is referred to as “Church in the Wildwood”, a name commonly used by the Methodists in 1900.  It was their house of worship until 1923 when the building was given to the African-American community in Edgewood, where it served as the spiritual center for the…

School Tours

Heritage Park Museum with more than 20 restored and furnished circa 1900 buildings, is the perfect site for school tours. The museum’s education program which is designed for third to eighth grade students, offers tours of log cabins and business establishments depicting rural life around 1900, as well as different modes of travel, and an…

Virtual Tour of the park and museum.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the Museum!

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